; Snake Rivals Mod Apk V0.46.7 (Unlimited Unlocked, MOD)

Snake Rivals Mod Apk V0.46.7 (Unlimited Unlocked, MOD) Download 2022


🐍 Slither your snake around in this fun 3D multiplayer snake io game - Become the biggest snake, worm or serpiente and don’t let the other snakes and worms hit!
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Snake Rivals Mod Apk If you were born during the 90s, and you owned a Nokia telephone, it is likely that you had played this all-time favorite snake game. It was an excellent time-killer. Snake Rivals Mod Apk gives you some nostalgic feelings if that is what you remember. What is Snake Rivals Mod Apk then? The Snake Rivals Mod Apk is a PVP video game in which you control a serpent and must eat all the apples while trying to avoid being killed by enemies.

Snake Rivals Mod Apk

Yes, there are other enemies. This game is real-time multiplayer and there are many other snakes. Your task now is to eat every apple possible while eliminating all other opponents. You can also choose to play the classic-style game, in addition to the multiplayer game mode. The goal here is to grow as large as possible, without being eliminated.

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What is Snake Rivals Mod Apk?

This game is free to Download  Snake Rivals MOD APK and does not require root. It is available for download Snake Rivals  APK on a variety of Android devices from the Google Play Store. The file size is determined by the device resolution and quality setting. Your internet connection’s speed should also be considered. Getting all the texture files onto your device can be difficult. These links provide access to all the necessary files. The high amount of modification progress in this game and the speed of your internet connection make downloads more difficult.

Download 3d Snake Rivals Mod Apk 

The gameplay of this 3d Snake Rivals Mod Apk looks exactly the same as in your childhood game or Slither IO. There are other features, however. You can control the character of your snake by simply using the mobile screen. Swipe the screen to control the direction of the snake. The battle royale game mode is also available. You’ll be faced with many different snakes during this mode. To make other snakes die, you must hit their head with the body of the snake. To save yourself from being killed, keep your head clear of colliding with the bodies of the other snakes.

Different Styles Of Snakes

Snake Rivals Mod Apk has many different styles of snakes that you could purchase. These include dragons with dragon head, elephant snakes or cat snakes. You can also get snake heads for cats, dogs, and other animals.

3D Multiplayer Snake

Slither your snake around in this fun 3D multiplayer snake io game – Become the biggest snake, worm or serpiente and don’t let the other snakes and worms hit!

-Snake Rivals io ⚔️ multiplayer 3D slither snake games ⚔️ we challenge you to become the biggest snakes in our fun io games!
-It’s a new take on the classic snake & slither io games with a multiplayer .io games twist!

Stunning 3D games

-Slither into 🎮 Classic games 🎮 io mode and swipe to move your snake or worm and eat as many apples as you can in fun, stunning 3D games.

Snakes and Worms

-More than other io snake games, Snake Rivals is 😲 full of surprises 😲 be the last snake slithering in multiplayer Battle Royale and top the leaderboard in our classic arena of snakes and worms!

  • -Join players, 3D snakes, worms from all over the world in our .io game!
  • – Invite your friend to fun multiplayer snake games. Slither to victory and defeat other worms!
  • A network connection is required to play and slither freely in our worm games and snake games.

Download and Play

Snake Rivals is a snake io game free to download and play. In-app purchases are available for additional content & premium currency.

How do You Install On My Android?

Step1: First, delete any older version from your Android device.

Step2: The above download link contains MOD APK files.

Step3: If you are unable to install the app on your device, you can enable third-party apps in your android settings.

Step4: Follow the steps and you will be able to take advantage of all the great features offered by this app.

How do you Install The MOD APK Latest Version On Your PC?

Step1: First, download the Bluestacks Android emulator and any other Android emulator onto your laptop or PC.

Step1: The MOD APK can be downloaded by clicking on the download button.

Step3: Snake Rivals MOD APK 2022 (Unlimited Coins & Money). Installation is easy on your PC.

Step4: Playing this app on a PC requires an Android emulator.

Step5:Once you have opened the MOD APK, install it using Bluestacks.

How do You Install MOD APK 2022 on my MAC?

Step1: Snake Rivals MOD APK 2022 (Unlimited Gems & Cash) can be installed on your MAC.

Step2: To play this app on your MAC, there are many android emulators.

Step3: Your MAC must first be installed with the Bluestacks Android emulator.

Step4: The MOD APK can be downloaded by clicking on the download button.

Step5: Once you have opened the MOD APK, install the app using your android emulator (Bluestacks).


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Snake Rivals Mod Apk


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Possible To Play The Snake Rivals MOD APK  On a PC?

An Android Emulator is a great tool to install APKs on Windows. It has its limitations, so it’s not perfect. Arcwelder plug-in can also be used to play games that enhance your Windows device’s performance. Because of the simple and intuitive interface, users rate it highly. Arcwelder for Chrome can be used by people who prefer mobile platforms to PCS. It runs Android apps directly through the Chrome browser on PCs.

Are you looking for a Snake Rivals MOD APK?

Modbroapk.com lets users download the app. Once they confirm it’s secure, Modbroapk uploads it with Google Play. This information used to be displayed on the appropriate pages of our website to verify an app. But, we now use the embed code to show the “Verified And Safe” message.

Is it safe?

APK files are an authorized app. However, they can’t be downloaded or used by users until that happens. Making a good impression can be done with APKs. APKs are compacted and can save you space. The Google Play Store also allows you to download apps that are not available there.


Snake Rivals Mod Apk offers a genuine nostalgia feeling. It is packed with many cool features you will love. There are many snakes that you can choose from, which you can use in a variety of modes including classic, battle royale or gold rush. Don’t wait, download the game today!


What's new

Season 26 is coming soon - update now for an exciting new Battlepass!
It's packed full of content, including a legendary snake and other awesome items.
We continue to work on performance improvements to the game. Thank you for playing and we hope you enjoy this update!



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